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Product shot I did today.

Product shot I did for studio class. I’m quite  happy with it.

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Flyin’ Dutchmen, Father and Son

Dave and Cam came out for the day and did some father and son laps.

Jon Acker, local shred.

Here’s a select from a shoot a couple months ago with Jon Acker.

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Some Recent Work…..

…..from various assignments at school.

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Ice Breaker!


Pretty stoked to start sharing my work with the world!

Hey! As you can probably tell this is my first post. I figured what better way to introduce myself than with a photo of me and the reason why this blog exists, my camera. Over time I’ll be working on updates and getting my images up here to share with you.

In the meantime, please feel free to check back often, and the updates will start flowing in shortly!